12 Step Work Opportunity

Please sign up providing your information on the sheet available now on the backboard at the Hall for the 12 Step Work. This is great opportunity to be involved! Always remember to have another member of AA with you when you go on a 12 Step call!

Thank you for your service work and your commitment!


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  1. How it Works

    A call came into the office a couple of weeks ago just before 9AM. It was from a woman who was trying not to drink and was afraid she wasn’t going to make it. She was from out of town and currently in a shelter. She called to find out where the closest noon meeting was. She didn’t have money or transportation and wasn’t even quite sure where in the “Big” city she was. She was scared and overwhelmed, but convinced that if she could get to a meeting she would be ok.

    Calls and texts went out to people on the 12th step list for the 2 closest groups, trying to find someone to talk to her and maybe give her a ride to the closest group. The office phone started ringing with responses. “My group has a 10AM meeting – if you call there and ask for [this woman] she should be able to talk to her”.

    A couple of members walked in the door of the office. Just stopped by to say Hi and get a hug. They asked what all the flurry was about. A quick explanation and her response was “Where is she. We can get her to the group right now if someone can take her from there.” The phone rang again. It was the woman from the 10AM meeting saying “If you can find her a ride here I will take her from there and get her to the noon meeting at the other group.”

    The service that the Central Office can provide to the groups in the Kansas City metro area is the ability to have a phone number that can be published and distributed at the public level on any media, phone books (remember those) websites, billboards, business cards, post cards, etc. It can be given to law enforcement, legal and medical professionals. It can be posted in correctional facilities, half-way houses, detox centers, hotels, libraries or any other public place, all with no anonymity breaks. We can make sure that the published phone number is answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week by a recovering alcoholic.

    12th step work always has been and always will be the responsibility and privilege of the groups and members of Alcoholics Anonymous . At the Office, we depend on the Fellowship to actually do the 12th step work. We could have a multitude of volunteers to answer a bank of phone numbers and it wouldn’t make any difference if we didn’t have the Fellowship to turn the requests for help over to.

    In the past few weeks we have been trying to update the list of members that are willing to go on a 12st step call. This list is what we rely on when we get a call for help. Being on the list means that you are willing to stop what you are doing to talk to another alcoholic that is looking for help. It might also mean getting out and taking someone to their first meeting. The call could come any time day or night. It could come in the middle of a football game or a meeting. It is the giving of our time so that others may have the same opportunity for a new life as we have had.

    If you are willing to be on our 12th step list please call the office at 816-471-7229 or email centraloffice@kc-aa.org. Working with others is not always easy, or convenient. They don’t always grab onto the program and stay sober for the rest of their life. But whatever the outcome for the other person, I personally, have never had the urge to drink when I was working with another alcoholic.

    By Cheri J.

    As Bill Wilson said: “Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking as intensive work with other alcoholics.” Chapter 7- Working with Others – Alcoholics Anonymous p.89

    Re-post from:http://www.kc-aa.org/news.htm

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