Grapevine Subscription Challenge

To all Western Area GSRs and DCMs:

Please share the following with your group and district.  If you are unfamiliar with the Grapevine Subscription Challenge, click the following link for information:

The July numbers are out for the Grapevine Subscription Challenge.   Missouri is still holding second place.  The latest numbers indicate that in the month of July alone, Missouri generated 59 new Grapevine subscriptions.  We now have an overall increase of 23.04%.  Rhode Island is in first place with 23.75%, and Hawaii is in third place with 19.77%.  California is in fourth place with 19.26%.

The special price of only $20 for Grapevine Online has been extended another month, through August 31.  This compares very favorably with the regular price of $35, so if you don’t yet have an online subscription — which includes all of the Grapevine Digital Archives — this is a good time to sign up.

Right at the end of July, I purchased six gift subscriptions to Grapevine and seven to La Vina for the Missouri Department of Corrections Prison Libraries in Western Area, and I don’t believe those numbers were counted, because they did not yet show up in the La Vina count.  So look for an even bigger increase at the end of August!

We had a great time at the Missouri State Convention over the weekend, generating at least 20 new Grapevine subscriptions.  One of those was bought by an anonymous donor for the youngest newcomer in the sobriety countdown.  We also raised $90 for our Treatment, Corrections, and Special Needs subscriptions, which we split with the Eastern Area Grapevine Committee.

If anyone wants to get a gift subscription for Treatment, Corrections, or Special Needs, and can’t raise the $21, let me know and I will get it with this fund.  If you or your group wants to buy one gift only, let me know and I will coordinate with another gift donor, to buy them together to get the special gift price of just $42 for two gift subscriptions (regular price is $29 each).

So, let’s keep generating those subscriptions.  I am talking to the head of the Missouri State Board of Probation and Parole, to get permission to donate subscriptions for the waiting rooms of all of the P and P offices in Missouri (66 total).

You might talk to your doctor about buying a subscription for their waiting room; I am talking to mine.  Also, remember your local outpatient treatment programs and recovery houses.  If you know of a disabled or retired AA member who is home-bound or in a nursing home and can’t get out to meetings anymore, consider the gift of a Grapevine subscription.

If anyone needs help navigating the website to find the discounted gift price, or has any other questions about the Grapevine Subscription Challenge, please e-mail me at, or call or text me at 816-536-3711.

Thank you all for supporting the Grapevine and La Vina.

In service,

Chris K., Western Area Grapevine Committee Chair