Area 39 District 3 WAMO

Area 39 of Western Area Missouri Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous is an entity that provides services beyond its group level. It is composed of groups within its geographical proximity and provides services to those groups. Virtual groups may affiliate without regard to geographic proximity. WAMO includes the counties of Dekalb, Caldwell, Clay, Clinton, Lafayette, Platte and Ray in central Missouri.

A district is a geographical area which holds several groups. In the majority of areas, a district includes six to 20 groups. In metropolitan districts, the number is generally 15 to 20, while in rural or suburban districts the number can be as small as five. Reference the AA service manual.

The North Oak AA Group is a part of Area 39, residing in District 3  of the Western Area of Missouri.

District Committee members (DCM’s) and Group Service Representatives (GSR’s) from each group in their district meet monthly to exchange news about their groups, solutions to any problems and information about how to contribute to each group’s growth and well being.

If you’d like to participate in a district meeting please join us and bring a fellow member. District 3 Meetings are held at 2pm on the second Sunday of each month (except for Mother’s Day) at the Liberty Group 1323 E. H Hwy, Liberty, MO 64068 816-781-9766.

GSR’s and DCM’s, along with other AA members who are interested in working in specific areas, such as correctional facilities or hospitals, meet to exchange ideas and coordinate efforts to better carry the message of AA. These people form the Area 39 service committee for the district. Each committee has a chairperson. They meet quarterly with other chairpersons from other districts.

2020 quarterly meetings for Area 39 Assembly will be held January 18 & 19 March 21 & 22, June 27 & 28, and September 19 & 20.

Schedule for all area and district delegate meetings can be found at