Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Whats the address?

A. Our address is 7125 North Broadway, Gladstone, MO 64118. We are located at the intersection of 72nd and North Broadway, across from the post office.

Q. Typically how long do meetings last?

A. Meetings last one hour. The North Oak AA Group was founded for the purpose of having small, more personal, one hour meetings.

Q. Is there a cost?

A. There are no dues or fees for AA membership. We are self-supporting, we pay the bills from donations placed in the basket during each meeting. The suggested donation is $2.00 in the rent basket and $1.00 in the coffee can. There is no mandatory donation.

Q. Do we just show up at meeting time?

A. Closed meetings are for anyone who has a desire not to drink today. The hall is typically open about 30 minutes before the meeting.

A. Open meetings are for anyone that wants to come, including students, nurses, concerned family members and anyone curious about AA. 

Q. I am interested in attending a meeting for my professional education, can I come to a meeting?

A. Open meetings are for anyone that wants to come. Our Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 pm meetings are Big Book Study meetings. We have group discussion about the portion of the book that is designated to read that evening. Student nurses are one of our most frequent visitors at these meetings. When you are asked to identify yourself describe why you are here i.e. for my job, education etc. Saturday 8:00 pm is an open speakers meeting. Generally the speakers are people celebrating continuous sobriety on an annual basis. At this meeting you merely listen and need not identify yourself or will you be offered an opportunity to speak.

Q. Does AA provide rides to meetings?

A. Rides are not a normal function of Alcoholics Anonymous.

However there are often individual members that may be willing to give rides either to or from a meeting. You are welcome to call about 30 minutes or so before the meeting (816.436.9706) and ask if anyone is willing to give you a ride. Eventually you will be expected to provide your own transportation. Some members take the bus, Uber, some even walk to meetings. One member lost driving privileges for 2 years due to DWIs and took the bus and walked for all that time, came to meetings regularly and stayed sober!