Latest Zoom Meetings Update

Update: 12/05/2021

North Oak Group Zoom Schedule:

The following 2 Zoom meetings all have one ID & PW.

  1. Tuesday: Big Book Study @ 6pm (Closed)
  2. Wednesday is a mix of 12 & 12 and Big Book study @6pm (Closed)

ID: 9279835700

PW: 7125

The following Zoom meeting has 1 ID & PW

  1. Tuesday: Women’s Meeting @ 10 am, we will be using many of the Grapevine Books for this meeting. (Closed)

ID: 87441480729

PW: 481090

The following Zoom meeting has 1 ID & PW

  1. Welcome all Women AA’s! If you need a Saturday Women’s day, please join us. (The administrator of this meeting asks that all who attend are sober.) (Closed)

ID: 82079902376

          PW: Jugs2020

If you are in immediate need for a Zoom Meeting, go to

& search for Zoom meetings, or you can call
Kansas City Central Office @ 816-471-7229
(the phone # above is answered 24/7/365)

Donations to North Oak Group can be made via Venmo: @northoakgroupaa