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Wendy R                 May 22, 2017

Typically how long do meetings last?

Is there a cost?

Do we just show up at meeting time?

Thank you.

  North Oak      May 22, 2017

Meetings typically last one hour.
The cost is one dollar for a member. There will be a basket on the table for donations.
Yes just show up five or 10 minutes prior to the meeting time and join in. When it comes your turn to speak simply introduce yourself and say why you are here ie if you are an alcoholic or a nursing student etc.
Thank you,
Jen P

2016 North Oak Elections! Your chance to give back!

Saturday, Oct. 22 2016 at Noon at Group Conscience Meeting

As we do once a year, we will have our elections for all the available positions.To get familiar and to learn what is the minimum requirements are read below. All positions are required to attend the monthly steering committee meeting. 1st Wednesday of every month at 7 pm.

  • Treasurer – 1 year term – 5 years sobriety required; Collect all donations, record and deposit them. Payall group bills. Report monthly accounting at steering committee and quarterly group conscience meetings.;
  • Coffee Trustee – 1 year term – 5 years sobriety required; collect all donations, record and deposit them.Pay all group bills. Report monthly accounting at steering committee.;
  • Secretary – 1 year term – 2 years sobriety required; Duties are to record and conduct steering committee meetings, group conscience meetings and to coordinate yearly breakfast.;
  • General Service Representative (GSR) – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety; Duties are to attend quarterly area meetings in Sedalia, MO. Report information back to the group. Attend monthly district meetings in metro area (Liberty, MO).;
  • Alternate General Service Representative (GSR – Alt) – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety; Duties are to assist GSR and attend Area/District meetings with and/or when GSR is unavailable.;
  • Central Office Delegate – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety required; Attend delegate meetings in metro area and report to group. Report group info to delegate meeting. Act as Central Office – NOG Liaison.;
  •  Assistant Central Office Delegate – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety required; Duties are to assist CO and attend meetings with or in place of when he/she is unavailable.;
  • Books and Coins – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety required; Duties are to keep all literature and coins stocked. Order books through General Service Office or go to central office to procure books and/or coins.;
  •  Public Information (P.I.) – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety required; inform the general public about the A.A. program. Carry the message by getting in touch with and responding to the media, schools, industry, and other organizations to report on the nature and purpose of A.A. and what it can do for alcoholics.;
  • P.I. Alternative – see above;
  • 6 O’clock Coordinator – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety; Duties are to make sure all 6 pm meetings have a weekly coordinator, that they have a key and know their duties which include; Making coffee, making sure rooms have all necessary literature and that rooms are clean of old cups and carafes before and after meetings. Show them where safe is and how to fill out envelopes correctly.;
  • 8 O’clock Coordinator – same as above – for 8pm meetings.;
  • Supplies Person – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety required; Duties are to keep hall stocked with paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex and various cleaning supplies.;
  • Cleaning Coordinator – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety; Duties are to find people to clean the hall on a weekly basis. This job does not require you to be the person cleaning but you can clean if you want.;
  • Facility Maintenance Person – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety; Duties are to repair or find the right person to repair things at the hall. This person should have a general knowledge as a maintenance personas you may be messing with plumbing or electrical.;
  • Media Person – Newsletter– 2 year term – 2 year sobriety; Get up-to-date information regarding ALL group activities. Be informed of Area, District, Central Office AA Events and updates. Publish monthly North Oak Group Newsletter. Print occasional materials for NOG Hall.;
  • Media Person – Webmaster for – 2 year term – 2 year sobriety; Get up-to-date information regarding all group activities. Be informed of Area, District, Central Office AA Events and updates including North Oak Group Blog. Respond to comments. Check email daily.
  •  Entertainment Committee – 2 year term – 1 year sobriety; Duties are to provide a safe and sober environment for people in recovery, their families and especially the newcomer. Meeting monthly at the hall.

Please stay clean and help us to stay clean too!

North Oak Annual Cleaning Day



We will be having our annual Fall cleaning day on the above date. The more people we have the quicker it will go. We will scrub and seal the floors, clean the glass, wipe down walls, clean the restrooms and do an overall general cleaning.

Biscuits and gravy as well as doughnuts and coffee will be provided in the morning.

All needed supplies will be on hand we just need lots of helpers.

There is a sign-up sheet on the board in the back entry.

Thank you for your service to our group

*Sign Up Sheets posted at the Hall.

North Oak Anniversary Breakfast

November 5, 2016

Come help celebrate 47 years of the North Oak AA group


Location: Hillside Christian Church 900 E Vivion Road Kansas City, Mo


Breakfast served 7:30-9:30                         Speaker at 10:00 am

All are welcome, members ,family members, Alanon/Alateen

Donations accepted at the door

Contact Tom K. with any questions


What’s your favorite thing about our annual campout?

Contact us

I’d like to remind that this blog is designed not only to post news but also “hear” from you all. So please feel free to contact us at any time with any concerns, ideas, news, updates, information etc. Anything that pertains to our fellowship, our recovery and our lives as a whole – this is your space to share. How to do it? Just email your message to editor at:


Thank you for all your support!

Jen P

Jackie M-
Good morning!
I’m on youur site now and there are some links that won’t load.
Would you be the right person to take care of this thing? Shouldn’t
take too much of your time.

Yes I should be able to fix the link. Which one?
Jackie M-
Thanks for your reply! I was on your page
( and the link
to (
wasn’t working when I was on there earlier as it returned ‘Page Not
Foud” error. I hope that helps.By the way, I volunteered with a couple groups last semester that I
think would be great to include on your page as well. They’re both
dedicated organizations who work to better the community through
volunteering and health awareness:, who raises
awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps university students
stay, and,
who also promotes better health on university campuses
Could you support them on your page, too?Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

Hey Jackie!
I’ve updated the 2015 international convention link and added a link to all upcoming conventions and AA events. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
In regards to your request about adding the link, we don’t promote other businessess. If you have any more questions feel free to let me know.
Thank you!
Jen P.

Lydia June 21, 2016 at 8:00 pm Edit

Whats the address

northoakaa says:June 22, 2016 at 8:00 am

Hi Lydia!
Thank you for emailing us. The address is 7125 Broadway, Gladstone, Mo 64118 phone number is 816.436.9706. Click on the google map at the bottom of the screen from your mobile phone for directions.

Hope to see you soon!

Jen P.

Valerie June 26, 2016 at 3:32 pm Edit

Hello to the North Oak AA group,

I’m a nursing student here in KC. One of the class assignment for this Mental Health semester is to observe a supportive-therapeutive group and watch and learn how the group functions to help each other.
Would it be alright if I attend the Thursday 8pm open group?
If yes, is there anything I should know before attending? Dress code? Bring snacks? Observe quietly?

Thanks so much for your time,

northoakaa says:June 26, 2016 at 5:00pm

Hello Valerie!
A lot of nursing students attend our open meetings. We welcome you to come! The open meetings on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8pm is a Alcoholics Anonymous book study and open discussion meeting. There is no dress code. No snacks. Yes, please observe quietly. We share one a a time in a circle, when it comes your turn to speak simply introduce yourself by, say you’re a nursing student, you can pass and not share or if you have questions for the group please ask them.

Saturday at 8pm is also an open meeeting where we have birthday celebrants speak. Members with 1 year or more of sobriety share their stories of how they got sober and how their lives have changed as a result of living the AA program.

Look forward to seeing you!

Jen P.

Brad W.June 17, 2016 at 3:26 pm Edit

thanks for the info on this page, just got out of WRDCC been down for 2 years for d&d haven’t gotten a phone yet so will have to email.Possibly looking for ride to some meetings. live by Davidson Elementary. any info would be great

northoakaa says:June 17, 2016 at 4:30pm

Thank you for reaching out and emailing us. You can download an app on your computer to make calls, just google to find one compatible with your computer. I would call the hall between 30-45 minutes before the meeting you would like to attend, phone number is 816.436.9706. Ask if there is a man that would be willing to pick you up and bring you. Once you are there is it much easier to get a ride home. Hope we see you soon!

Thank you all!

Thank you all who participated in latest elections. Service work is what keeps NOG moving for some 48 years. Also, congratulations and good luck to newly elected servants! Your commitment is greatly appreciated!

As a reminder, If you’d like to participate in any of these group activities, you’re welcome to attend any of our business meetings we call them “steering committee meetings”. That’s when we discuss any issues, new topics, exchange ideas, etc. Steering committee meetings are held on first Wednesday of every month at 7pm.