6000 Hits! Wow! What a support!

Thank you all for your virtual support to our group! 6000 Hits! That means there is interest in our group, our program and recovery!

Using this chance, I’d like to make sure that there is all information we can provide and it’s all up to date. If you’d like to comment or submit any additional information, please comment here or email to: northoakaa@gmail.com

Thanks again and let’s recover together!

Maks (North Oak AA Group)

Do you have an interesting history fact about North Oak?

If so, please feel free to share it here (in the comment line below or email editor  at: northoakaa@gmail.com) and we will be happy to post your story for all to see.

Also, did you know that Central Office has an archive folder dedicated to our group?

We can share it with them as well!

Group History

Did you know that your Central Office has a folder for every group. We keep up with the groups beginning and moving or group meeting time changes. If you haven’t sent us a group history, please do so.  When you visit the Office ask to see if we have a group history on your group. We have a folder for every group in the area.   

 Contact the office 816-471-7229 or email: kcentraloffice@kc-aa.org

12 Step Work Opportunity

Please sign up providing your information on the sheet available now on the backboard at the Hall for the 12 Step Work. This is great opportunity to be involved! Always remember to have another member of AA with you when you go on a 12 Step call!

Thank you for your service work and your commitment!

District #3 DSM – Shirley W.

Would like to thank Shirley W. for all her help throughout few years that I’ve known her and then more that she put into AA service. Next month Shirley W. will resign from District #3 DSM position (District #3 is where North Oak belongs to) due to her move to Idaho.

Again, thank you Shirley! And best of luck on your road to new adventures!


P.S. Big thanks to Cole C. for stepping in as a new elected District #3 DSM!